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    The GASPLUS advantage

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Gas Solutions

Provision of LNG to the end user in the African market.


Onshore/Offshore gas production support.


Gas trade aggregation and enablement.


Provision of logistics, technology and financing.

About us

GasPlus Synergy is a distinguished company in the African Gas sector specialising in gas field development, maintenance, conveyance, and value optimisation.

We are committed to providing technical, strategic and market intelligence support to stakeholders in the energy sector. Gasplus, with over a decade of experience, is focused on driving unique solutions that will transform the energy sector today and in the future!

Gasplus is in partnership with the Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas Company (NLNG) to domesticate and boost liquefied natural gas supply in sub-Saharan Africa.


To be a solutions provider in the gas market and enhance its economic value to stakeholders.


To deliver gas to consumers in any shape or form, (liquefied or natural) across locations and connect key supply sources; enabling producers to access infrastructure, market, and finance, as well as technical support, to ensure that these gas resources are efficiently administered.

The GASPLUS Advantage

The uniqueness of Gasplus is its status a Nexus in the gas industry, enabling collaborators through the assumption of the 'complementary role' function to ensure and enhance the activities and resources of stakeholders.

Currently, we are engaged in the local domestication of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to customers. We identified the key requirements, resources, infrastructure to enhance the NLNG's objective of finding a viable market for LNG is achieved. At the same time, ensure that gas customers have access to an alternative energy source.

Operational Strategy

Operational strategy of Gasplus can be classified in four categories, starting with:

  • Identification of opportunities.
  • Conceptualization of opportunities.
  • Development of strategies.
  • Deployment of an execution program.

Gasplus understands the need to continually support the gas market with the appropriate infrastruture to guarantee sustainable gas delivery with the required financing.


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NLNG Domestic LNG Scheme

As part of our gas transition framework, we signed a ten years offtake contract with Nigeria LNG for the distribution of LNG to the domestic market to support industrial manufacturing energy needs, offfgride power generation and auto gas adoption.

We are utilizing a marine to shore virtual pipeline distribution infrastructure to supply domestic LNG to our end users.

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Marine LNG Bunkering

In line with the IMO regulations around marine fuel, we are setting up Africa’s premiere marine LNG bunkering hub in West Africa.